Laps began on Tuesday and will continue all spring during recess.  It looked like there were alot of smiling faces enjoying being outside and hopefully the snow melts soon so they have a little more space to RUN.

The Trumbull Final Mile Event will take place on

Sunday May 19th.

SIGN UPS will be live on Monday 3/11 via the PTA Store.

DEADLINE to register for this event is 3/22 so if you want to be guaranteed a T-Shirt and Medal, DON'T WAIT.

For more information contact Christine Wadhams (

Final Mile Permission Slip

5/20/2018 - Final Mile Event - Thank you to everyone who participated in the Kids Marathon Final Mile event today, Daniels Farm represented with 191 runners.  The Trumbull High School Track was overflowing with smiles from those who completed their final mile or those cheering them on. We are so proud of everyone who weathered the rain to run or supported someone who was running.  All participants received a final mile t-shirt, water bottle and the well deserved medal of achievement.  All of today's runners were awarded their final mile in lap tracker.  Certificates will be awarded to full finishers at the end of school award's ceremony.

4/7/2018 - Final Mile Registration Going On Now...  Be sure to check backpack mail for information regarding the final mile event, which will be held at Trumbull High School on Sunday May 20th.  You can register for the event via the PTA Store. The $12.50 charge will get each student a t-shirt and a medal.  Don't forgot, even if you register online, you still need to returned signed permission slip in.  Don't have a copy, click here.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature is being difficult and we are struggling to get time outdoors to get our laps in, but we are determined to keep trying.  We need to have a big couple weeks in order to make up some ground.  We hope your little runners have a great break and are ready to run when we return.

Monday, April 16 - 3 laps  |  Tuesday, April 17 - 4 laps  |  Wednesday, April 18 - 3 laps  |  Thursday, April 19 - 3 laps


3/30/2018 - Spring Running is finally underway...  The runners completed 2 whole miles this week and have a big week ahead.  Please see schedule below:

Monday, April 2 - 3 laps  |  Tuesday, April 3 - 4 laps  |  Wednesday, April 4 - 3 laps  |  Thursday, April 5 - 3 laps

2/23/2018 - Spring Season Is About to Begin - The Kids Marathon will start back up again on Monday March 12th. We will be running Monday-Thursday at Recess. If your child DID NOT run in the fall, and they would like to join us, please complete a permission slip and send it in to your homeroom teacher by March 7th. Volunteers will also be needed to scan laps. Please continue to check iVolunteer to look for available times.  HAPPY RUNNING!

10/27/2017 - Fall Season Complete - CONGRATULATIONS to all our runners who have completed the Fall portion of the Kids Marathon. Laps will be uploaded later today, so if you see that your child needs to make up any laps.  In order to meet the 5 mile goal, please do so by Tuesday 10/31 and email Erica Barron. The Five Mile prizes will be going out next week so don't miss out.

10/13/2017 - 3 miles logged and running continues...CONGRATS to all our RUNNERS!   We have completed 3 miles over the last two weeks and can't wait to keep this up for the next two weeks. We will be running Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so please make sure your runners are wearing sneakers to school those days.  If you are interested in seeing your child's progress and have an account, visit Student Lap Tracker.  If you don't have an account , please email Erica Barron with your name, your email address and your child's name.

10/3/2017 - RUNNING STARTS TODAY - Get your sneakers ready, the marathon starts...  Kids will be running Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week for the month of October! This week they will run two laps each day (1/2 mile)!! Thanks to all those that have signed their kids up and who are helping to scan laps!  There is still time to volunteer, please navigate to iVolunteer to sign up.  Not sure when your little one runs, here's the schedule:
Kindergarten 10:40 – 11:10
Second Grade 11:30 – 12:00
First Grade 12:10 – 12:40
Third Grade 12:50 -1:20
Fourth Grade 1:10- 1:40
Fifth Grade 1:40 – 2:10

Rod Dixon's Kid's Marathon is coming back to DFS for its FIFTH straight year!

Do you think your kids can complete a marathon? They CAN do it, and we will show them how!  This program will allow them to run or walk their way to 26.2 miles in just 10 weeks.


Our program starts this fall... Beginning Tuesday, October 3rd for the month and then resumes again in March 2018 when the snow has melted.  A Pumpkin Theme will start this fall!  Track your pumpkins along with themed incentive prizes as they finish 5 miles.  Prizes for 13.1 miles AND 20 miles will be awarded in the spring!

To sign up for this year's Kid's Marathon program , please download this form and return to your child's tearcher by Friday, September 29, 2017.

Parents, encourage your kids to participate in the DFS Kid’s Marathon!

DFS kids will learn the fun of staying healthy and fit! Your child will gain confidence from setting a goal, seeing it through, and becoming a WINNER by FINISHING a total of 26.2 miles! No experience is necessary! The kids just need a willingness to get their bodies moving. They will get in shape for activities by completing laps at recess.  They can chat with their friends while they walk or run and will still have plenty of time to enjoy recess after their laps are completed for the day.

All students will receive a Student Lap Tracker ID card.

ID cards will be scanned at the end of each lap, and completed laps will quickly add up! Parents can view their kid’s progress from home at Don't have an account, reach out to Erica Barron with your child's name, teacher, and your email address.

Final Mile Event: May 20, 2018

DFS students will join together behind our school banner and march around Trumbull High stadium, just like in the Olympics!  Kid’s Marathoners will be awarded a medal and a t-shirt! (Don’t worry if you can’t attend the final mile. Do the training at recess, add some extra laps the final week, pay the fee – and your awards will be picked up for you! You are still a WINNER!)

To learn more about this incredible program, you can visit Rod Dixon's website or you can download a PowerPoint presentation with more information. 

Email Christine Wadhams, our DFS PTA Health and Wellness Chairperson, with any questions.


May 22, 2017

Congratulations!  They did it!  They are KiDSMARATHONERS!  Our DFS students shined bright in their Final Mile at THS.  At about 230 students, they were the largest group in attendance and represented DFS well.  Thank you to our kids who show determination, perseverance, and how to HAVE FUN while making healthy choices and staying active.  You are positive role models for us all!
It was wonderful having our huge cheering section of parents and fans in purple! Fantastic cowbelling!  Our DFS Father's Club Dads showed up in a big way to help keep all the kids safe on the course! Jodi Martins: thanks for showing huge school spirit as our Dolphin Mascot! And thanks to Jen Kehley for the photos. We are  grateful to Mr. Kunschaft for coming to support our young marathoners!  
A very special thank you to Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. Feola, Mr. Clements, Mrs. Ely, Coach K, and ALL the wonderful DFS teachers for supporting the KiDSMARATHON program with enthusiasm and patience. Our kids are so very fortunate!
It takes a village!  Thank you to the DFS PTA Executive Board,  Vivian Munoz, and Jen Knight.    Our Parent Lap Scanners…DFS parents just know how to SHOW UP!  Thank you one and all!
And to our SUPER KiDSMARATHON Volunteers - the moms who make it all come together -  Our amazing Health and Wellness Committee Co-Chair, Christine Wadhams, and the wonderful team of tireless moms:  Erica Barron, Fran Basbagill, MaryEllen Butler, Carrie Hall, Joanne Johnson, Jen Lafaille, Jen Marrone, and Laura Whitacre.  Ladies, it simply couldn’t be done without you!  There are not enough words….THANK YOU THE MOST!
“Finishing is Winning…Winning is Finishing!"