One School, One Book Program

3/5/2018 - Donation Book Program

Thank you for participating in our One School, One Book event this year. Our school has a tradition of donating these books to another elementary school to share this experience beyond our community. This year, our books will be donated to the Geraldine Johnson School in Bridgeport. Your child can donate your copy of Flora & Ulysses in the collection bins placed in the lobby. Thank you for your generosity to keep family literacy moving forward! Please send your books in by Friday, March 16thClick here for full details.

Welcome to Daniels Farm Elementary School's One School, One Book page!   The school-wide book selection for Winter 2018 is Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo.

Self-proclaimed cynic, Flora, spends her time reading comic books and struggling to understand her parents’ recent divorce. She is jolted into action when the neighbor runs over a squirrel with a vacuum cleaner. The squirrel’s brush with death causes him to develop so called superpowers. Flora then named the squirrel Ulysses after the vacuum cleaner. Flora explains to Ulysses that he must use his newfound powers to right wrongs, fight injustice, "or something." Ulysses decides to write on Flora's mother's typewriter, revealing he can write poetry. Or something.

When Flora confronts her mother about her desire to kill Ulysses, a shouting match erupts in which Flora comes to believe her mother does not love her. Flora, feeling hurt, declares that she will go home with her father. Ulysses writes a poem to explain Flora and her mother’s real emotions, but Flora’s mother kidnaps him before the poem can be read. Flora puts together a crack team to rescue Ulysses, who has already escaped, leaving Flora’s mother to read his poem. The cast reunites in the father’s apartment building where Flora’s cynical exterior is cracked for good as she realizes her parents truly love her.

We hope you enjoy reading the book with your child.  Here are some resources to guide you:

Please remember to visit the OSOB Weebly page if you and your child would like to listen to DFS staff members reading the book each night.  Check back daily and see if it is your teacher reading the chapter!