Dear PTA Members,

With newly painted walls, Mr K and staff would like to fill the hallways with motivational quotes.  As a PTA member, we need you to vote on approval to use up to $5,000 (should be less, we are still piecing these together) of auction money toward this project.  We would like to have this done over the summer and completed before next year.  Please take this poll and let us know how you vote!  Below is a description of the project and a couple of samples of what we are proposing. 

Thank You for taking the time to vote and thank you for a great year!

Cher Day-Heinig
PTA President

The quotes will be made of vinyl stickers that may include one or two inspirational words or longer phrases.  Below are two examples that can be used as a visual reference (though not necessarily ones that will be used).  These would be throughout the school, including the hallways to the gym and the stage.