Mr. Kasbarian Mr. Strychalsky Physical Education

Mr. Kasbarian Mr. Strychalsky
Physical Education

Mrs. Conte Mrs. Fedorov Mr. McGrath Music

Mrs. Conte Mrs. Fedorov Mr. McGrath

Ms. Shiller Art

Ms. Shiller

MS. ferrarO learning commons

MS. ferrarO
learning commons

Art Information

Mission For The Class:
Art class is an exploration of self through visual media.  Our mission is to provide each child with the opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials and to problem solve within certain parameters.

Physical Education

Daniels Farm School’s Physical Education program is committed to providing a safe, secure, nurturing environment conducive to teaching and learning and meeting the needs of today’s students. The P.E. program's focus is to promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle by empowering students to make healthy choices based on knowledge, social and emotional development. Daniels Farm School’s Physical Education curriculum identifies the diversity in individual learning and adapts instructional strategies to support multiple intelligences.

Physical Education is an integral part of a comprehensive education, contributing significantly in areas of affective, cognitive and psycho-motor development while enhancing quality of life.  Daniels Farm School supports scientifically proven concepts while developing a heightened awareness of physical fitness and leisure/recreational activities as a lifestyle.
The Physical Education program prepares students to function actively in a global society.  Concepts and areas of concentration include psycho-motor development, bio mechanics and kinesiology of sport (movement), community support through special events (5th grade intramural, Student/Faculty volleyball and basketball games), community service (Jump Rope For Heart), leadership, and cooperation.  We believe personal fitness supports learning and academic excellence.

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Learning commons

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The mission of the Media Center is to make our library a special place for students to discover print and digital resources that will enrich their lives and foster a love of reading!
The Media Center is always looking for volunteers.  If you are interested, call 203-452-4393 or Email us